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Habitats, Forest and Salt Lake

We now enter the third hall, where the visitor can find two of the most important habitats in Cyprus, in the representations of parts of the Paphos Forest and the Larnaka Salt Lake.

The Paphos Forest, the biggest and richest forest in Cyprus, which covers an area of about 620 square kilometers, is the only area in the island where the mouflon (Ovis gmelini ophion), a kind of a wild sheep, can be found. Since 1978 it is considered a species in danger of extinction and is protected by Cyprus legislation. While in the Cedar Valley grows the beautiful Cyprus cedar (Cedrus libanii-brevifolia).

The Larnaka Salt Lake is one of the most important habitats in Europe for water fowl.  Thousands of flamingos, wild ducks and other water or shore fowl find refuge in winter here or rest and gather food for their migratory journeys.