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Marine Life

We are now in the second hall. Here, the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea with many of the species found there, such as shells, ostracea, fish etc., is represented.

The Mediterranean Sea, earth's biggest closed sea, with a variety of plants, fish and other marine organisms has been, for thousands of years, a source of wealth for the inhabitants of its coasts.

However, the immense industrial and tourist evolution of the 20th century and the continuous pollution of rivers and seas in combination with the systematic fishing of great quantities of fish annually, have caused an incalculable damage in the Mediterranean ecosystem.

With this representative collection, the importance of the Mediterranean in the world marine ecosystem and the need to protect it, are demonstrated.

In addition to the section on Marine Life, you may also vist the Palaeontology and Fossils section of the Museum with samples of the Fauna and Flora of Cyprus as it was millions of years ago.