Participation rules for the preannounced competitions

Celebrating 20 years of social and cultural contribution

As already announced by the Cyprus Museum of Natural History, located in the premises of Cyprus Carlsberg factory, as part of the celebrations for our 20 year celebrations we have launched five competitions for students of Primary and Secondary Education. These competitions have been placed under the auspices of the Directors of Primary and Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture.
Below are the five competitions, with the descriptions and conditions of participation set out for each participant:

  1. For students 6-12 years old - Painting Competition

Contestants are invited to paint on a cardboard of 30x40 cm at least one of the exhibits of the Cyprus Museum of Natural History (ex. animal, bird, fish, mineral or anything else on the spot and at the end of their visit deliver their work to the museum administrator.

  1. For students 13-18 years old - Painting Competition

Contestants will paint a section from those presented at the Cyprus Museum of Natural History ex. Larnaca Salt Lake, the seabed, the Cypriot rural yard, Paphos forest or any other section they choose. In the drawing, which will be drawn on a cardboard of 30x40cm, it is not necessary to include all items ex. animals, birds, trees and other things pictured in this section. The items drawn can be reduced from 3 to 5.
For the painting competitions students will get the relevant materials and cardboards from the museum administrator and will be able to draw their work in the space, close to the area where the exhibits are exposed. During the preparation of their drawing, they can consult the exhibits and adjust them to their work.

  1. For students 15 to 18 years old - Photo Competition

Contestants can photograph at least 8 to 10 exhibits in the Cyprus Museum of Natural History, print these photos on colored paper, size 20 x 15 cm or put them in a CD and submit them as their participation work by handing it over to the museum administrator. After visiting the museum, the contestant can choose the items to include in his work, complete a special form which will list the items to be presented in the form of photos. This form will be delivered to the museum administrator, but the work can be delivered later on, after it is processed at home with the help of a computer.

  1. For students 15 to 18 years old - free Power Point type Competition

This competition will include at least 8-10 different images (spots) that the contestant can get by visiting various attractions or parts of Cyprus. The images for the preparation of this Power Point can be obtained from various regions of Cyprus and concern for example the natural beauty, fauna and flora, marine life, beaches, rivers, canyons or any other remarkable geographical, geological, historical, cultural, economic part of Cyprus.
These images will be formed in the form of Power Point and will be delivered to the museum administrator. Each image must be accompanied by complete caption information, with the name of the region where the specific attraction is from and the date the picture was taken.

  1. For students  15 to 18 years old- Special Power Point Competition

The contestants in this competition can prepare a Power Point type work. The images that will be presented in the corresponding CD, will be exclusively taken from the various exhibits of the Cyprus Museum of Natural History. The subject matter, the way of processing and the presentation of images aims to encourage the viewer to experience the rich biodiversity of the Cypriot nature, such as the fox, the mouflon, the shark, ferrets, wolves, hedgehogs, some reptiles and many other elements that make up the rich biodiversity of Cyprus since many children of school age have perhaps never seen many of the above mentioned as well as various natural beauties of Cyprus.
Note: It is clarified that the interested parties who would like to take part in both contests (d) and (e) can do so as long as they submit a separate work for each competition.
Delivery time for all participants:
Reminding all participants that they can submit their work to the museum administrator from the 1st of July – the 15th of October 2016. For more information you can call us on 22585834.